NEW!  SmartPower SP-0

Software and electronics kit for homebuilt dynamometers.
(no mechanical part included)

Price: 725 euros

What is the difference between SP0 and SP1?

  • There is no engine RPM input.
  • There is no thermocouple input
  • There is no general purpose analog input
SmartPower SP-0

SmartPower SP-1

SmartPower SP-3

SportDyno V3.0 Dynamometer software

Sample Dyno Runs

Dyno projects




  • Dyno operation controlled  by on dyno button, or from the computer
  • Real time on screen display test results. Tests appears in the screen while the engine accelerates.
  • See graphs simultaneously: show or hide any curve.
  • True accurate and detailed curves: see engine failures easily.


Powerful and easy to use  

SmartPower SP-0 is a package that consists on:

SP-0 data acquisition unit, only one input channel:
  • roller/engine speed input

    And sensors:
  • digital inductive pickup to measure roller rpm
  • installation cables and SportDyno software
  • Connection is made by using PC serial port, this makes very easy to connect this unit to any computer. 

    NOTE: There are new laptopts without serial port, but a RS232-USB adaptor can be used to connect SP1 on this PCs. This adaptor creates a virtual COM port that can be selected on the program to work with the unit as usual. Theorically any RS232-USB adaptor will work with this device, requeriments are 115200 baud transfer. We can supply a well-tested adaptor if you can not find a suitable one.

    The equipment is completed with a modern Software for Windows, very powerful and easy to use. It allows to work simultaneously with several tests.


    Power supply: 220V 50Hz/60Hz (Europe) or 115 volt 50Hz/60Hz (USA) (please specify when doing your order)

    Data transfer: 115200 baud RS232C (DB9 Conn) (There is available a RS232-USB adaptor)

    Roller rpm input connector (CN2)

    Display: LCD 16x2 Characters.

    Two control buttons in the panel.


    Installation and Connections

    Dynamometer Intallation:

    CN2- pickup connection. pick-up should be mount close the geared tooth. Maximum frequency of teeth should not be greather than 90,000 rpm, it should be only one pulse per rev.

    Start/Stop Button on CN2 to control the dynamometer operation.


    RC Model engine dynamometer.


    contact: 01/25/04