Sample dyno runs.

In the following document you can find some dyno runs in format .SP1 to open with SportDyno Software, you can download complete program in this site. This tests are taken from Yamaha R6, Yamaha R1 of the Yamaha Challenge Honda CBR600-2001, Suzuki GSX-R600 and others.


In the following document you can find three examples showing the program output to the printer.

This tests are taken from Aprilias of 70 cm3 and 125 cm3 on the "Formula de Campeones Bancaja (Copa Aprilia)"; in Spain (Aprilia Champions Ship)

The first test was taken from a 125 cm3, the second from a 70 cm3 and the third one is a comparison from the previous ones.


Doing a test

In this point is explained how doing a test by using a motorcycle inertial dynamometer with one SP-1 system.

First step: Load the program and setup the test, input the name for the test, weather conditions, speed/engine ratio (if needed).
From this moment you can mount on the bike and there is not need to operate the computer again. Thus a single person is able to work with the dyno. Tests can be started (and stoped) from the dyno, the SP-1 unit, and the computer.

Bike has to be put over the dyno and to hold the front wheel correctly so it doesn't drop when doing the test.
If bike has not starter engine, it can be started by using the starter built on the dyno. This is made by pressing the "starter" button on the panel
In order to begin we pressed once the button (this pulsation is equivalent to if we click with the mouse in the button to begin test in the program) in the screen of the computer appears a window in which we can fill up data related to bike, the atmospheric conditions and the name of the test, if we did not fill up these data (because we are upon moto) the computer assigned the data by defect that we have configured.
We begin to warm up the engine. We can put gears as we were on the road from the first gear to the last gear.
When the byke is on the last gear we can try to accelerate a little, raising the roller speed and leaving it to deccelerate until we consider that engine is warm.

In this moment we will wait to the engine rpm reachs a low value, at wich we want to start the test. (always with at the last gear and the clutch unpressed).

Immediately we press the "start" button at the same time we move the throttle to the top. Horsepower curve begins to be drawn on the screen while the byke is accelerating.
We held throttle at top until we realise that the engine is close its maximum rpm value, or ignition begins to cut.
At this moment we leave throttle and we press the clutch.
We will wait a while with the clutch pressed, while the roller is decelerating slowly. Test has is not finished yet, curve continues drawing on the screen. At this moment, horsepower curve is negative and is being drawn from the right to the left. This part of the curve is the "loses" curve, this curve is useful to calculate the power on the engine (test shows power at wheel)
It is not needed to complete the curve upto the begining point, when roller rpm reachs the point on the graph corresponding at the value of maximum horsepower, test can be finished by pressing again the button.

At this moment the test are drawn on the computer and it can be printed. The computer writes it automatically to the disk. If we want to do a new test again, we only have to press the "start" button again and repeat the process.

After test is done, names and other test data can be changed on the program.


Last Modified: OCT/14/06