SportDyno Version 3.2

With the SP-1 and SP-3 kits is included the program SportDyno V3.2.

This Software is writen for Windows. It is very easy to use and very powerful. The main advantages of this software are the possibility of working simultaneously with several curves being able to enable or to disble the tests so you can choose which tests have to be drawn on the screen. In this way, tests can be compared compare easily. Tests also can be printed on paper.

Another one of the advantages of this software is the resolution of the curves and the precision of the data being able to distinguish in the test any failure on the engine with an amazing accuracy.

HP and Tq curves from a SUZUKI BANDIT 600 and a YAMAHA R6. The lower part of the graph represents the loses of the system.

Comparison of the torque curves from four tests. In order to see the curves more clean, HP curves has been hidden

"Gauges" Window. User can setup the channels he want to display here while warmup.

Configuration. Dynamometer specs, software, options, etc.

Last Modified: OCT/14/06