Digital gear shift position indicator.

Suitable for all modern GSX-R engines or any voltage based gear sensor, this device uses the standard Suzuki gear position sensor to display in realtime the selected gear.

Only available in kit version.
Price 55

click here for schematics

Neutral and Reverse gears


  • Doesn't use unsafe microswitches.
  • Doesn't need to be connected to engine or speed.
  • Uses in-built gearbox potentiometer (Suzuki), or any other potentiometer.
  • Fully programable for any potentiometer sensor
  • Realtime display of selected gear
  • Suitable for use on car
  • Displays 1,N,2,3,4,5,6 and R (for reverse gear)


  • **** Yellow: +12 volt input, connect to ignition or injection power (not to battery).
  • **** Brown: GND, connect to any ground on the engine.
  • **** Green: gear input signal, connect to the blue cable from gearbox.
  • **** White: reverse gear (for cars), active when conected to GND.