NEW! MonoFI. Electronic fuel injection for single cylinder engines.

Aplication: Dirtbikes, Atv and Pitbikes.

Price: consult

The SportDevices fuel injection has been simplified and down-sized considerably compared with any other programmable fuel injection to allow for application to a small motorcycle. This ecu could be installed in place of a conventional carburetor.

Note: box is not available at the moment

ECU software:

Click here to download the ECU monitor software

ECU board
The ECU board is exclusively designed for single cylinder engines. The size is reduced by poviding an injector driver circuit and an ignition circuit for one cylinder. The CPU used is the PIC18F6627 40 MHz microcontroller.

Fuel injection control
The configuracion of this ecu allow to work with minimal number of sensors, in fact only one sensor are mandatory.

Mandatory sensor:

  • Throttle position sensor (TPS): Located on the end of the throttle shaft, directly detects the throttle opening.

Optional sensors:

  • Intake air temperature (Ta) sensor: The sensing tip of the sensor is exposed in the intake air passage before the throttle valve.
  • Manifold vacuum (Pb) sensor: The sensor terminals are directly mounted on the ECU board, and connected to the connecting passage provided after the throttle valve in the throttle body.

For the control of fuel injection volume, two kinds of maps are stored in the ECU and an appropriate map is selected and used depending on the throttle opening and the engine revolutions.
1. When load is low, the delicate changes in throttle opening are detected by the manifold vacuum, and the manifold vacuum map determined by the manifold vacuum and the engine revolutions is used.
2. When load is high, the throttle map determined by the throttle opening and the engine revolutions is used.

Ignition timing control

Ignition type is discharge capacitive ignition (CDI), For ignition timing, the map control determined by the throttle opening and the engine revolutions is executed to control the ignition timing at the optimum timing.

Technical Information

Click here to download the monoFI manual



Last modified AUG/21/2009