NEW! Lambda controller for LSU4.0/LSU4.2 Bosch sensors. Suitable for any data-acquisition system (2D data-recording, AIM...) or SportDevices SP1/SP3 analog input.

Kit controller + sensor Price: 527,00 ?
Only controller Price: 449,00 ?
Bosch LSU4 Sensor Price: 159,00 ?

NEW! Shock Absorber Dynamometer Machine with 5kw motor.

Shock absorber dynamometer is a machine to test shocks and generate graphs for the shock characteristics. These graphs could be printed for the shocks or stored so user could develop a database of how each shock works under the test conditions. This machine replaces the trial and error approach into a reliable and efficient method to determine the shocks used during a race.


  • Stroke 5-100 mm
  • Speed 0-500 mm/s
  • Force (Load Cell)  900 Kg
  • Cycle freq. 0.25 to 6 Hz
Exhaust thermocouple ECO

NEW! SportDevices Dumper Analizer Kit.
Software and electronics kit for homebuilt shock absorber dynamometer.
(toothed disc included)

Perfect for measuring the water and oil temperature of every kind of engine
Water / Oil Thermocouple

SP4 dynamometer controller on Arbizuracing dyno room.

Testing SP4 dynamometer controller on Arbizuracing dyno room.

The SP-4 dyno controller provides all the necessary hardware and software for the control of an engine test bed

It is the perfect tool for engine performance testing, ECU calibration, endurance testing, emissions etc.


Digital Gear Shift Indicator.

Suitable to all modern GSX-R engines or any voltage based gear sensor.
Digital Gear Shift Indicator

Programmable Digital Ignition.

How to make a programmable CDI, schematics and software.
DIY Programmable Ignition

SportDevices dynamometer data acquisition kits.

Data acquisition electronics, software and sensors kit engineered to fit to any dynamometer project. It is ideal for homebuilt dynamometer or dynamometer upgrade and retrofit projects.
Product Photo:  678800
Build or upgrade inertia dynamometers.
SP-3, BRAKE BASED dynamometer electronics and software
Upgrade hydraulic brake based dynamometers.

The Inertial Dynamometer Option.

Inertia dynamometers are today the best option for easy, quickly and high repetitive tests. A large and heavy roller guarantees you very accurate results.
SD325 Motorcycle Dynamometer
Large inertia dynamometer, more than 200 hp and 350 km/h
Product Photo:  764984
SD300 Motorcycle Dynamometer
Medium inertia dynamometer, more than 150 hp and 270 km/h
Product Photo:  764984
Roteg Racing kart Engine Dynamometer
Roteg Racing build and sell this dynamometer for kart engines.
Product Photo:  764984

How to Build Your Own Dynamometer

You can download several dynamometers plans and tools to help you design your own dynamometer.
Download Plans
Download Tools to calculate inertia rollers


Page about ignition readings, several type of ignitions and how to read them with SPx.

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